Historic Scoot Inn
Mardi Gras Austin-Brazil Day

Big Wy's Brass Band had their first performance at the Historic Scoot Inn. The band had been performing as a horn section for the Austin Samba School over the past year for their annual production of Carnaval Brasileiro where they performed at the Palmer Events Center in downtown Austin. The Austin Samba School was excited to celebrate Carnaval with music from Brazil, Louisiana and Trinidad at the Historic Scoot Inn, so they asked the horn section if they could perform some jazz at Brazil Day. The group decided on the name  "Big Wy's Brass Band" because the leader of the horn section was "Wy"att Corder who eventually became the frontman and lead soloist for the band that we know today.


Original Members: Justin Dunlap-Tenor Trombone; Mason Mathias-Trumpet; Wyatt Corder-Trumpet; Duncan Waldrop- Trumpet; Jeremy Howell-Tenor Saxophone; Mabon Caniff- Drums; William Wright-Bass Trombone; Austin Samba School

The Belmont 
Jam Fest

Jam Fest 

  • Best Band Award (Photo shoot & music video)

  • Outstanding Tenor Trombone Soloest (Justin Dunlap)


  • Exhibition Performance

Westlake High School
Battle of The Bands

2014 Westlake Battle of The Bands:

  • First Place Award (Tickets to see "The Who"" in concert)

  • Best Frontman Award (Wyatt Corder)​

Justin Dunlap-Tenor Trombone; Wyatt Corder-Trumpet; Thomas Denning-Alto Saxophone; Jeremy Howell-Tenor Saxophone; Tim Skerry-Bari Saxophone; William Wright-Bass Trombone; Tim Smith-Drums